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Natek Customized products in 2022 for our customers

Since the beginning of 2022, we have opened 3 sets of aluminum alloy and 4 sets of ABS/PC molds for our customers.

Moulds are all customized design, we completed 3D prototype sample, mold making, injection molding, products, packaging, all completed by our company.we have more and more high experience about private custom products, and these new molds,there are new 3 sets finished products and entered the market from April 2022, two have already completed the mold and now it is testing samples of T1, the rest is still in the mould manufacturing process, we hope to serve more customers customized series,We will provide CAD to help customers ,and apply for patent protection to ensure their design ownership, protect their market and improve their product competitiveness

This working process is like this way, please make sure 

1.send us Design sketch or samples of similar products or the 3D design,

2.we can finish the function structure for you.when finished the function and mold structure,

3.we will send this 2D and 3D to customers,and make into CAD for customers to apply patent first 4.Deposit arrival

5.we will make 3D prototype sample

6.Mold making